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Forever Friends Special Book Launch Date

Many people like to use important dates in history when releasing their novel. For instance, if your book is about trees, a good release date might be Arbor Day. And Veterans Day might be another good date for a book about soldiers.

But what about Kindle Countdown Deals and Book Launch Party specific dates? Can those work well for your book too? I think so! Which is why I chose to start my Kindle Countdown Deal on Summer Solstice and have the party for the book launch on the specific date of June 24.

Summer Solstice is an important date for many people that practice witchcraft. Pagans around the world celebrate the longest day and first harvest of the year traditionally with a bonfire. I thought Skye and Raine would approve of the Kindle Countdown Kick Off on the day of the Summer Solstice since they would have celebrated that day themselves as Gypsy Witches.

Picking the day of the launch party was also fairly easy. On June 24, 1735 Parliment of the Kingdom of Great Britain passed a law stating that it would be a crime for a person to claim that any human being had magical powers or was guilty of practicing witchcraft. The sentence for such a crime was one year imprisonment. This was a profound date in England that signified the end of Witch Trials in the Early Modern period.

June 24 also holds a personal note for me too. My mother’s and my uncle’s birthday is on June 24 and having a party on that day makes it all the more special. I’m sure if either of them could, they’d say that was a nice treat to have on their day (yes they were both quite the characters themselves LOL.)

For further information about the Summer Solstice you can check out this blog posting here:

And to check out and join in the online Book Launch Party fun you can click here:

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