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Meet Alec

Alec was probably the hardest character to develop because I wanted him to be evil, of course, but I also wanted the reader to see the soft side that he had too. Writing about Alec's vengeance was hard without drawing out his back story. And it is for this reason that my next book in the series will be about Alec's beginnings with Lilith. It will be a stand alone book, but it is the prequel to Forever Friends.

One I got to know Alec's back story, I really had a lot of fun writing about him. His gruff personality was the exact element needed to make him the vampire he is. And yet, when he is with the one he loves, he's a teddy bear. He is a vampire at war with polar opposites within himself. And when he meets Morgan, it's almost as if fireworks are exploding within him. I truly believe that's something most vampires would experience when they first become fledglings.

Alec likes to talk of law and duty, but as a vampire, they me little to him unless they suit his particular needs. You will see this in the prequel, but not at first. As a human, Alec has a true sense of duty and responsibility to his family.

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