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Meet Lilith of Forever Bound

Lilith was merely introduced in Forever Friends and will not show as a character until Forever Bound. She sired Alec and that plays an important role in the vampire that Alec is so I had to include Lilith in a subsequent book.

Her voice is not as difficult to draw out as some of the other characters, but her personality does have some flaws that need to be worked on. Her head seems to be ruled by her heart. That is something that is a little tough for me to understand personally because I’m a very analytical thinker. I also am a pretty selfless person because I am a mother so this character is a little hard for me to relate to.

I can honestly say that I’ve never had the urge to hop into bed with one person to forget my feelings for another and this is something Lilith will do often in Forever Bound. But Lilith is a vampire, after all, and vampires tend to only do what pleases them.


I rather like where this character is going and I hope that her personality grows throughout the book to a point where she may become a little selfless. I know that may be hard for a vampire, but I think her love for her fledgling will outweigh her lust in the end. But who knows! We shall see what happens! I’m not giving away or committing to any plot just yet LOL!

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