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So What's With the Dragonfly?


Well, I'm glad you asked! There's, pardon the pun, a story behind it-- LOL! Many people that have seen the front cover, and have cracked opened the Forever Friend's book, have wondered what was up with the dragonfly fleuron until they read the chapter that reveals the Kersh Gypsy family crest. Skye was the one that decided on the seal herself. She did it for very personal reasons that I won't discuss here because it's a spoiler if I do! So, if you want to know why Skye liked that symbol so much that she wanted it for a family crest you will, unfortunately, have to read the book! Sorry folks! I don't want to spoil it for anybody who wants to read it! For those that have read why Skye chose that crest, be rest assured that you will see this element pop up in subsequent books. It will be hinted to in Forever Bound, but it will only be fully explained in a novel that just has an idea at this point. This series was only supposed to be three books, but I have a feeling people will want to read A LOT more about Raine and Skye so I will be writing stories about their past lives in Egypt, Spain, England, and America during the Salem Witch Trials. I truly hope you will enjoy the series. The next book should be ready in early 2015! Forever Bound is packed with the back story of Alec and how Lilith sired him. It will also include Raine and Skye, but most of their back story will be saved for another book-- sorry to spoil it. I have good reason. I like to keep my books relatively short for my Fibro Fighter Readers. Some of you may know what Fibromyalgia is, but for those that don't, it's a debilitating disease that causes pain in muscles and joints. Other symptoms include migraines, IBS, gluten intolerance/Celiac, anxiety, depression, Raynaud's Disease, brain fog, and fatigue-- to name a few. I personally have all of these symptoms along with severe weakness in my lower extremities. It is hard for me to walk any lengthy distance-- even a neighborhood block is hard without feeling fatigued in my lower extremities, and sadly, I'm one of the lucky ones because my symptoms are STILL not considered severe. Fibromyalgia symptoms and their severity are as vast as its sufferers, and that total now includes almost two percent of the population of the world. Having this beast myself since being diagnosed in 2005, I can understand what the sufferer goes through. I truly don't want any one of my readers to experience pain while reading my books! That's not fair to them. They have been with me for 10 years and I love them a lot! I will tend to make my books a bit shorter for that crowd to read AND they are priced accordingly for that. They aren't super short-- hence the bigger price tag that you'd expect for a fuller length novel-- but they are a little shorter than most mainstream novels on purpose. It's honestly very hard to do this with urban fantasy because back story is really key when getting the book right, but I think I've found a way to accomplish that back story, and still have a good story for the non-Fibro Fighters. And I can say that readers agree! The reviews are small, I know, I didn't ask for a lot. But it's a good mix of people that literally ARE NOT related to me. (Polishes her finger nails and rubs them on her lapel) There's actually only one that's a relation. But, honestly, he's a second cousin and his review is priceless to me because he's been a political writer for Washington! I'm honestly "not worthy". And no, I DID NOT ask for that review-- EVER from him. I apparently earned it. So I'm surprised. Okay so normally I can wrap blog entries up with "Stay Fabulous" because I'm used to that. But this is a different blog. I have to come up with a catchy phrase. OR you could help in the comments. So, so long, for now? Amanda

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