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Keme's Softer Side

Keme has been an interesting character to develop is the upcoming releases, "Forever Bound" and "Forever Cherished". In "Forever Friends" we saw Keme as a pretty hardened werewolf. The years of pleasing the gods and loosing the love of his life really took a toll on him.

In the newer releases you will see a softer side of Keme, especially in "Forever Cherished" where he is a young warrior and met his beloved Chepi.

I wrote Keme with a little of my own thoughts and personality behind him. When I was in my twenties I was very wide-eyed and eager to try and change the world for the better with my contributions to society. But as I got a little older and entered my thirties, I became sick with the disease Fibromyalgia.

It was at that point that my own heart started to harden. I became very sad that my body was failing me. I was in grief and mourning for the things I used to be able to do before I got sick and it was hard for me to sometimes remember, my now, limitations.

I was also sad because the people in my life at that time did not understand my illness and thought I should be "doing more". I can understand their thought process. I was supposedly young and should be able to turn my body into a pretzel at their every whim, but having to say no, either prior to a project-- or even in the middle of one when you are newly diagnosed, does not constitute a young person being lazy. This started to make me question people and their motives and that's when I started to pull away from many people because I was so hurt. I view this as one of Keme's personality traits and I think you will see that drawn out more in these next two books.

Sadly, if I was a little wiser in my youth, I would have realized that those people who were so judgmental of me during my early diagnosis were merely trying to reflect onto me what they saw in themselves, laziness. And now that I'm in my forties, I can appreciate that and do not harbor any ill will for someone who was probably trying to have the courage to change what they didn't like in themselves. This trait is something else that you will see drawn out of Keme in later books because he really has a softer side and I want to drawn that out.

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