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Forever Immortal Chapter Read

Skye rose to clench her chest and quickly realized she was drenched in sweat as she peered around the dark room to read her iHome. It registered the time of 3:02 AM.

Thank Goddess! It was just a dream!

She looked to her right, but Raine was not next to her. As she peered over at the closed bedroom door she saw flashes of bluish light peeking through.

Damn it! He fell asleep in front of the TV again!

Skye fumbled around her nightstand for a piece of paper and a pen to jot down the bits of the dream that remained in her webbed brain. The task became ritual these past months. Countless other dreams similar to this one were collected on odd pieces of paper and filed in the top drawer of the nightstand. Every word written was collected on the off chance they turned out to be a vision that may come to pass.

Her accuracy with the dreams, though, seemed off. She had never gone this long without a vision coming to fruition and she wondered if her long hours at work had anything to do with it. A couple of the dreams she had had she thought would come to pass. She envisioned a child, their daughter in them. But those dreams grew less real with each passing day that Raine distanced himself from her.

Morgan is pregnant in this one. She and Alec fight Demetrese. Demetrese is trying to take the child.

Skye tapped the pen tip to her lip and bit the cap as she tried to recall the details that were escaping her as quickly as she was forming the words onto the paper.

There was more. I know there was! What am I missing?

Skye’s eyes widened.

Am I pregnant again in this one?

A shiver runs up Skye’s spine.

It can’t be true, can it?

As she rubs her stomach in an attempt to assess her dream sequence it starts to churn in protest. Skye holds her mouth to try to trap the bile quickly forming in her throat. In a rush, she runs to the bathroom and lifts the seat in enough time to heave last night’s dinner into the bowl.

Dear Goddess! This isn’t good!

* * *

Skye rushes out the door a little earlier than usual in the morning before work so she can run to the drug store to grab a pregnancy test off of the shelf. She pays for it and shoves it in her purse. After she gets into work, she locks herself in one of the bathroom stalls and opens the test box.

It’s now or never.

Skye winces as her stream leaves the stick and trickles onto her thumb. She sticks the cap back onto the stick, wipes it and her thumb, and looks at her watch.

Now it’s about watching and waiting.

Within the allotted time, Skye sees the word pregnant in bold lettering from the digital reader. She blinked hard once and opened her eyes again to make sure she was seeing the right words and not something she had just hoped to see. A smile graced her face and her heart raced with joy until all the visions she had had about the baby, Raine, and Demetrese flooded her all too crowded head.

What am I going to do?

She shoved the stick back into the box and threw it into the trash receptacle. She hovers over the sink and washes her hands.

What am I going to tell Raine? He hasn’t said more than two words to me in the past month. If he finds out about Demetrese and the baby, how is he going to react? He’s been depressed ever since his aunt died. This might overwhelm him, or worse. It might devastate him.

Skye looked up in the mirror to fix a few loose strands of hair. An image of a page in one of the Kersh Gypsy Clan’s Book of Shadows enters her mind.

That’s what I need! If I use that spell, maybe the baby would be safe and Raine wouldn’t be so overwhelmed.

She grabbed her purse and went to her cubical to start the day. Now that she had a plan in place a calm washed over her. The only thing she needed to do now was make it home before Raine to look for that spell.

* * *

Skye barely put the car in park before she found herself tripping over the threshold to get into the apartment to find the spell before Raine got home. She thumbed through the first volume of her family’s book of shadows and her finger rested on the page she was looking for. Her eyes darted to the list of ingredients and require actions to perform the spell.

This one was performed by the parents and on ancient burial grounds according to the map my great Aunt provided.

She ran her fingers over the top of the page again and let out a long breath. She closed her eyes and mumbled a short prayer before a vision of the Goddess Durga came to her.

“Brightest Blessings, my child! It has been a while. I’ve come with some news and it is important.”

“What is it, Goddess Durga?”

“As you are already aware, the gods have granted you and Raine the gift of a daughter. However, I must warn you that Raine cannot try to perform the spell you are about to do. If he tries, he will surely die at the hands of Demetrese. Do whatever you can to keep him away from the truth and do not tell him that we have spoken.”

“I don’t understand. Can’t Zhang help us as he has always done in the past? I can’t keep something like this from him. And besides, it will be pretty hard for me to keep a pregnancy from him once I start to show.”

“Zhang will come into his own vision, Skye, but as you know, fate can run a course that was not plotted when free will is involved. And that baby of yours has special gifts which means you’ll be showing quicker than you think. The Underworld is in an uproar after reading a prophecy about the coming of the chosen ones and I fear that Demetrese will stop at nothing to take your child for his own.”

“Wait? What? You said chosen ones—Morgan and I are carrying chosen ones?”

“I must go now, Skye. I can’t tell you much more until the rest of the prophecy comes to pass, again, free will may make the events of the future change. But remember, do not let Raine know that we spoke so he stays safe.”

Goddess Durga faded and Skye clutched her stomach.

This is li