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An Apology AND a Free Book

Hey everyone! I wanted to drop in and post an apology to Y'all! Last week I was involved with a Giving Thanks promotion and some authors were really nice to let you all know about it.

Well, to make a long story short, I was GROSSLY misinformed by the coordinator how many books were involved and once I found out just how misleading the promotion had become, I pulled out my book.

I am very sorry that I did that but I live by integrity and I'd never, EVER want to mislead any reader. I am very grateful for all of the support, emails, PMs, likes, and shares by all of you!

Having said that, I'd like to continue to offer my book as a free download to any who have been affected by this mess! And even if you weren't-- feel free to download too!

Also, if you know anyone who was bummed by this Giving Thanks event and was looking forward to it-- please feel free to pass the link onto them as well.

Again, I am deeply sorry! I feel really awful about the whole thing and I hope this makes up for it a little. :)

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