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By the Pool

By the Pool Chapter One

Jade woke up in the morning with a groan. She tried to fumble out of bed like every other morning but her joints screamed in protest because they were stiff and her body was sore from the previous night’s action. To ease and relax her body, she decided to go down to the pool to get some rays.

For some women, the fact that guys stare at their beauty till their mouths drop can be a little unnerving. But for Jade, it’s not only an everyday occurrence, but it’s kind of a turn on to her. Especially since her job makes her social life undesirable.

Today’s onlooker was different since she actually found a need to say something to him. She frowned at his tongue that appeared to be wagging like a thirsty dog. As she reached the lounge by the pool she yelled to the young stud, “You might want to put that thing away or else it might get cut off!”

She had been referring to his tongue, but the guy grabbed his crotch in retort and blurted over the railing, “Sorry about that, sometimes it has a mind of its own!”

He smiled wryly showing content at his decent comeback. She, in turn, leaned retorted back by leaning over as she slid into the lounge chair. This gave the stud a nice view down her two-piece.

Content she gave him a happy she proceeded to put suntan lotion on her legs and chest and then donned some shades. She placed her earbuds in to listen to some music. When she was about to hit play, her admirer was standing over her, blocking the sun.

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have given him a good look at my chest. She thought to herself. Ugh! Another stud with a hard-on that I have to deal with.

“Hi, I’m Jack and I saw you were having trouble getting suntan lotion on your back. Would you like me to help you with that?”

As she thought about it for a second, and figuring he wouldn’t leave her alone until she gave him the time of day, Jade nodded in agreement and turned over.

“Just be gentle. I had a rough night.” She said with a low growl.

Jack asked permission to unbutton her top so he could get her whole back.

Most would just do it to get easier access. Why would he ask me? She thought to herself.

As she said yes, a smile came across her face as he touched her back with a gentleness she hadn’t known in a very long time. Jade basked in the caress of her admirer’s hands she started to fantasize about him and her intertwining their bodies in the pool. Her pulse quickened as his hands grazed close to her backside.

This stud named Jack was almost finished with her back and a frown formed on Jade’s face because she was enjoying the rub down. He leaned into her and his whisper buzzed in her ear. As he leaned over, his crotch fell right into the palm of her hand. Her smile widened and out of reflex, or possibly habit, her hand squeezed his bulge. Jade’s eyes widened as she realized what just happened.

As Jack jumped up from the lounge chair, she frantically tried to apologize to him but each of her words bore into his cheeks, turning them every shade of rose imaginable. She bit her lip in response. But after a brief moment, he regained his composer and took her hand in his. Jack then placed his other behind her neck and gently caressed the nape.

After gazing into her brandy colored eyes for what seemed like forever, he leaned in to kiss her. Marking her eyes again, his husky voice asked to borrow her phone to call out of work. She nodded in agreement and led him to her apartment upstairs.

Jack punched in the numbers to make his call while she undressed him with her eyes. He hung up, smiled, and took her hand again to pull her close. His scrutiny of her gave her a sense of joy and stimulation she hadn‘t felt in a long while. He seemed to be everything she had ever wanted but could never have in a man. As she caressed his cheek, an unwanted but familiar sound came from her phone.

She apologized to her pool boy and excused herself to answer the call in her bedroom. She sat at the edge of her ornately hand-carved bed as thoughts of hanging up on her boss flooded her mind. She frowned in frustration of him interrupting her playtime and was about to give him a tongue lashing. As she started to form the words ‘what the hell do you want’ the voice on the other end said, “Stop playing around with that boy and come to the office NOW!”

“How did you know I had company?”

“Don’t you always, Jade?”

Taken aback by what her boss said and pissed she even had to go in on her day off, she found it hard not to comply because that man signs her paychecks. A reluctant tone came from his voice, but her newfound friend was accepting of her suddenly needing to go into work. He knew all too well about being on call since he was an attaché for a prominent government official and was almost always on call.

It took a lot of kissing and grabbing of her ass to persuade her to write down some digits for him, but eventually, she gave in because the boy had some persistent skills. He left her smiling with what she could only assume were thoughts that all men have after getting a little taste of her.

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