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Pride's Legacy Excerpt

Chapter Two of Pride’s Legacy Copyright 2019 by Amanda Kimberley All Rights Are Reserved.

Tilda stood clad in her brown leather and chain mail uniform. Her blonde hair was French braided and laid on her right shoulder. Verena saw tears welling in her eyes, but like the strong general that Tilda is, she blinked them back.

“I believe that you have everything you will need for the trip until you get to Earth. The course is set and you should arrive in the evening so you can land undetected in the mountains of New York.” Said Tilda as she stroked Verena’s hair. “Do check in every so often just so I know you are okay.”

“I will Tilda,” Verena said as she patted Tilda’s shoulder and pulled her into a quick embrace. “I will miss you and the people of Effeminate. If you need me for our planet’s affairs—“

“I will buzz you on your phone device. Now go already! The quicker you marry, the quicker you will be back here on Effeminate to show off your lovely husband.”

“It will be nice to do that. It will also be nice to visit the council as a unit too.” Verena said with a smile towards Ciro.

They headed into the cabin of the ship and brought the plotted course onto the screen. Within a few seconds, they were out of Effeminate’s atmosphere.

The darkness and plethora of the universe surrounded them, making Verena feel small in comparison. Thoughts of meeting Ciro’s crept into her thoughts once more.

“Tilda said it should take about three days to get to Earth. Are you ready for the trip?” Asked Ciro as he palmed her cheek. His dark eyes softened in the flicker of the helm’s lighting.

“It’s going to be a long trip.” Verena sighed.

“I’m sure we can find something to do to pass the time,” Ciro said with a smirk.

“Really?” Verena patted his backside as she sported a smirk of her own.

“Does that thing know how to auto-pilot this early in the trip?”

“Of course. Computer Quaran, set the ship on auto-pilot.”

“Then let’s make this an early evening and turn in,” Ciro said as he pulled her torso to his hips and drew her lips to his.

Verena’s breath hitched as his hands glided down towards her backside until they finally rested on each cheek. He cupped them both to rest her center over his manhood.

“I want you, Mrs. Verena DeLuca, and I want you now.” He said as his lips settled over hers once more. He scooped her up into his arms and led her to the sleeping chamber of the ship.

Upon opening the door to the sleeping chamber, Ciro guided her body onto the bed and unbuttoned her blouse as his lips scorched over her neck. His hand made quick of the garment and it now started work on unbuttoning her jeans.

Verena arched her back as his body hovered over her. She cupped his rear and let out a soft moan.

“God, I love how you touch me,” Ciro said as he removed her jeans. She was now clad in a matching set of a violet laced bra and panties.

His finger traced over the curves of her bosom before he unhooked the front closure of the bra and took each breast in his hands. His mouth hovered over her right one for a moment before his tongue encircled the nipple.

She let out a soft moan before his tongue settled over her left breast. She opened her eyes to find that he had already done away with his own clothing and his erection was just inches from her core. Verena wrapped her hand around the length and stroked it.

“I want you now, woman!” Ciro said in between a couple of moans.

His rod was bobbing over her stomach as she continued to caress it.

“Then take me.” She said in a low growl as she nibbled on his ear.

He lowered himself onto her sex and rocked her core until the two apexed into a blissful oblivion.

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