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Uncharted Excerpt

Previously Published under Wicked Nights of Summer All Rights Are Reserved

Chapter One

“Why are you pushing this? You know I HATE to pack and I HATE traveling even more!”

“Genevieve, you have been cooped up long enough! It is time that you get off of your proverbial stay at home ass and explore your home country for Christ’s sake!”

“You really want to go there, Carina? Really? He was a fucking werewolf that lied to me and I had no choice but to vanquish his sorry ass!”

“But you loved him and that pain will take time to heal,” Carina said as she brushed some loose blonde strands from Genevieve’s face and tucked them behind her ear.

“You can be such a pill! You know that—right?”

“But you love me anyway!” Carina said with her lips curled upward.

“I’m beginning to wonder about that,” Genevieve said as such dropped a pile of clothes on her bed near her suitcase.

“You’re kidding—right?”

“Kidding about what?” Genevieve asked as her eyes narrowed.

“Those aren’t exactly screaming vacation clothes,” Carina said as she picked up a pair of well-worn sweatpants by her thumb and index finger.

“Carina, we are going on vacation which means I should be able to relax. These are the clothes I wear to relax in.”

“You need something better,” Carina said as she walked over to Genevieve’s closet and sifted through a few hangers. Her palm rested on one and she smiled as she pulled it out. “Here! Pack this one!”

“Carina that’s my hunter’s uniform. I can’t wear that on vacation! It will feel like I’m working!”

“It’s a black jumpsuit with a low-cut neckline that accentuates your perfectly perky assets. How could you not want to wear this out on vacation? Because dear, this is a clubbing outfit and we will be clubbing! I can promise you that!”

“Fine! I’ll take the stupid outfit but you are buying the first round of shots for making me wear the stupid thing!”

“DEAL!” Carina beamed.

Genevieve finished packing her suitcase and then looked at her bag of tricks. She wondered if packing a weapon might be a good idea and then thought against it since she did not want to explain a crossbow to the airport security.

It’s only a week away from demons. What harm would it be to leave my weapons home? There’s bound to be hunters in Norway, anyway. Right?

Genevieve packed her jumpsuit and a pair of sweats in her duffle bag and headed towards the door.

“Well, you wanted to drag me out so let’s get this show on the road!”

“Will do! We are already pre-checked. We just need to get to the security lines when we go. Do you have your passport?”

Genevieve fumbled inside of her black hobo bag, “Yup!”

“You looked through that and took out your weapons—correct? We don’t need to explain anything to security this evening about hijacking the plane if there are werewolves or vampires present.”

“Yes, Mom, I took them out. I didn’t want to, but I did.”

“Very funny! Look, I’m sure there are hunters in Norway who are more than capable of allowing you a bit of a vacation from the nasties.”

“Easy for you to say. You aren’t married to your family business like I am.”

“See there you go again! Talk like that is going to keep you single and miserable! Please do me a favor and try to have some fun on this trip?”

“I can’t promise you that, but I will make a valiant effort to try and find someone to play with while we are on vacation. Okay?”

“A good screw might be good for that sourpuss. I swear your only expression is resting bitch face lately. Now come on! Summer vacation awaits us on the Lofoten Islands!”

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