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A Little About My WIP...

Leader of the Pack is my new WIP and I'm really excited to share with y'all this new hunka, hunka, as well as his voice. Here's the first two paragraphs that are COMPLETELY UNEDITED! Yes-- y'all get to see this in the raw so enjoy!

Donovan scanned his bedroom and took inventory of all of the boxes and tubs that were still unopened. His family always told him that it was good luck to keep one box untouched when you move in hopes that you never have to move again. For Donovan, he hoped that they were right because his entire former life that now filled 10 boxes,

couldn’t creep back into his existence. He wouldn’t go back to taking pictures that created joy and memories for people because the beast within him would make sure that there was no joy and no memories for him to share with any warm-blooded, human individual.

The night he chose to fall in love and ask the woman he thought was his whole world to marry him, was the worst night of his life. The bitch bit him and that’s when he had to go into isolation, away from all that he had known and loved as a human because that woman took it all away from him. 

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