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Coming this September to Celebrate the October Release of Hearts Unleashed...

Elf on the Shelf gets a lot of attention during the Christmas season. And I get why--people love Christmas. But I also love Halloween and this year I'm going to do a fun social media event called Doll in the Hall for all of y'all during the month of September to celebrate my upcoming release of His Treasure in Hearts Unleashed! So get ready folks because I'm gonna have some fun with you right here on this blog!

Every post in September will be scheduled during the witching hour (3-4 am). And the first week will just be about Mikey, Lulu, and Effie's shenanigans. After that you'll see posts about each individual story with a fun pick of Mikey and the gang!

These fun posts couldn't happen without the Mansfield Antique Mall who had GREAT dolls for this fun adventure! Go give them some page love. ;)

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