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Dog Days of Summer is Almost Here

He wrinkled his nose as she thrust out his new and questionable swim suit uniform attire in front of him. The thing was probably going to make him sing the high notes because two bandaids clipped together would probably cover more of his rather large junk than the Speedo she was dangling in front of him. She had a smile on her face, as if to symbolize that he, the dumb horse, was going to take her proverbial Speedo carrot as bait.

Colton was far from dumb. And he had no intention of wanting to take her bait. But what else could he do? She made him into the dog that he was and he needed the job, so she totally had him by the balls. The sad part was the Speedo made him feel like she was not only grabbing him but also twisting and turning his junk just to screw with him more. The tight Speedo was just another sleazy tactic on her part to make him into the boy-toy she wanted him to be, and he was getting tired of it.

“What the fuck is that?”

“I told you, it’s your new uniform for when you clean the pool here. As your alpha queen and the owner of this place, I get to decide what uniform the pool boy wears so no lip! Besides, once you’ve experienced Texas heat in the summers, you’ll thank me. And hopefully it’s the type of thanking that I’d really like from you.” She said to him as she slapped his right butt cheek.

“Yeah, I highly doubt that.” He said as he crossed his arms over his chest before continuing, “And I told you before, it will be a cold day in hell before I fuck the fucked up.”

“Come on, Colton! How long are you going to hold that love nip against me?” She asked as she traced her index finger over a scar on his shoulder.

“A day longer than forever.” He said while pulling away from her.

“You don’t mean that and you will come around. Now take the uniform. I have important events to plan so my Omegas can find mates. Next week starts Summer break for all of the college students, and I want to make sure our resort is an attractive attraction to them. The pandemic killed our business, and those Omegas are horny as hell. I want them keeping their paws to themselves so having them pursue other females will suit me just fine. The gods know I want you, and that’s why I’ve been saving myself for you. So go on and take the uniform.”

“So, what you are saying is that you are not only fucked up but you are bat shit crazy too?”

“Oh, get off it! I know for a fact that you are attracted to me.”

“Past tense, bitch!”

“Watch your tongue with your Alpha Queen!” She said as she raised her hand to slap him across the cheek.

He grabbed her hand before it made contact.

“I’m only calling your the female dog that you are.”

He snatched the Speedo from her other hand and spun on one heel to leave her office.

“I am royalty! A shifter that comes from a long line of good blood. I have given you a gift, and it’s about time you understood that! You will bow to your queen before you leave this room! Is that understood?”

Despite him not wanting to do anything she said, his body reacted to her command, and he kneeled down where he stood. Damned bitch had his dog pussy-whipped the minute she bit him and turned him into a monster.

“That’s better.” She said while closing the distance between the two of them. She patted the top of his head before continuing, “Good boy! You’ll warm up to me. I know you will. Now go put that on and clean the pool.” Her smile cut through him like a blade.

“Never will I ever warm up to you.”

“You are becoming quite the subservient bitch.” She said as she patted the top of his head again.

“I’m only your bitch because you made me your dog.”

She flashed him another steely smile.


“Yes, my Queen.”

He got up from his kneeling position and headed to the cabana area where he did as the bitch commanded. All while swearing and sighing the entire time he changed into the tight Speedo. He reached for the pool skimmer net and started to remove the stray hairs from the swimmers, bandaids, and bugs that were floating in the pool. He usually found more of those than he did leaves. Not that there weren’t trees around the resort, but mostly it was more common for the other things to surface in the water.

He let out another sigh as thoughts of the beginning of Summer entered his head. She had been impossible to deal with during the Spring, and that was when they were dating. He couldn’t imagine what Blake would be like all summer long. She made him wear this thing so she could get her own rocks off, but soon the college girls would be coming and he wasn’t looking forward to all the gawking stares.

Women, especially ones in their twenties, liked to think they were progressive thinkers, but in the end, many of them were just as piggish as the guys when it came to admiring certain body parts. And his was most definitely on display for anyone to see. Sadly, he now knew why women hated it when men wouldn’t look up at them when they talked.