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Hearts Unleashed Anthology Snippets


Arcadia Aspin Pines believes she is on her way to purchase a popular resort lodge, the Winterborn Cascades, nestled in the Eastern Rockies.

She meets with the owner, Echo Winterborn, a man that she finds simultaneously charismatic and exasperating.

He informs her that she’s been duped—the Lodge is family owned and has never been on the market. Furious (mostly with herself), a blizzard forces her to spend time getting to know the current owners, including Echo, who seems amused by her situation.

Wolfshifter Echo has a mystery to solve, a scent he picked up on when first encountering the curvaceous Aspen.

He isn’t the only one who is puzzled. His Beta Largo and his Delta Smoke are also confused by the curvaceous human Hottie and wondering ‘WHAZZUP’?

Could she possibly be the fated mate of them ALL?

Chapter One: Duped

Aradia Aspen Pines, aka Cadie, deftly guided the resisting 2020 Kia Sorento up the snow-covered drive to the top of the hill, where the popular and well-frequented palatial resort, the Winterborn Cascades, ruled over the 5,000-acre landscape that offered amazing skiing, and spectacular views of the mountains and valleys surrounding it on all sides. The SUV was a rental, because after she had landed under deteriorating conditions at the regional airport, she was too impatient to wait for the courtesy shuttle the resort provided every couple hours, and anyway, she wanted to view the resort for the first time under her own power. Now she was glad she had leased the vehicle. It had ranked in the top ten of SUVs that were listed in Newsweek as the top ten snow and ice vehicles.

As a prospective buyer, and having already wired the earnest money for the acquisition so that the current owners knew she meant business, she was ready to jump right in.

Her only surviving parent, her father, had recently passed away, and as his only child she had inherited his entire state, which consisted of an Inn in a historic Virginia town, a villa in Boulder Colorado in Boulder County, and a few other real estate holdings.

She had been raised on the East Coast and had attended Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania before joining her father in managing his various acquisitions. She had adored her widowed parent, but he constantly frustrated her by refusing to consider branching out into other potentially lucrative enterprises.

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