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Perfectly Mated by C.D. Gorri


He’s the leader of his pride, she’s a normal with no idea Shifters exist. Can Hunter convince Elissa she’s his purrfect mate?

The leader of the Maverick Pride needs a mate and who better to help him out than the incomparable Gerri Wilder! Hunter Maverick is having trouble keeping his Tiger under control. The eight-hundred-pound beast that lives inside of him wants him, the Pride Neta settled, but none of the females in his Pride call to him. Only his fated mate will do, but where is she? ​ Elissa Phoenix has hit rock bottom when a blind date turns out to be an awful disaster. After refusing to put out to pay for her meal, a cold buffet dinner in the most rundown casino on the Atlantic City boardwalk, she jumps out of her so-called date’s car and decides to walk back home. Only it’s a two-hour trip by car and it just started raining! Can life get any worse? A strange woman stops her stretch limo and offers Elissa a ride. She decides to trust her gut and gets in. Little does she know it is a decision that will change her life forever! Gerri Wilder is on her way to meet the Maverick Pride leader when she spots a woman walking alone in the dead of night on a dark county road. She has her driver pull over, offering a ride to the curvy stranger. Just like that, Gerri knows she has found the purrfect mate for the big bad Tiger of Maverick Point, New Jersey!

Dragonfire by P. & M. Mattern


As Liam explores his new abilities as a dragonshifter he is soon to discover that his half brother Argent has received the same gift. All his instincts warn him that a deathmatch between the brothers is inevitable. Stefan returns seeking refuge in Fauquier Hall...and revenge, while a supernatural serial killer of young women terrorizes the New City. Cass makes his biggest mistake yet, jeopardizing his relationship with Mitzi, and the Werewolf Curse Lux is under leads him to his perfect mate. New life, new loves, tragedy and ever present bloodlust fill the pages of of the sixth book in the wildly popular Full Moon Series!

Forever Friends by Amanda Kimberley


Have you ever dreamed about finding your soul mate? Do you think you'd recognize him as, The One, the instant that you met? Skye thought that Raine was her dream come true when she finally fell in love with him, but her dreams soon became nightmares when Alec, King of the Vlad Vampire Clan, wanted them and every other gypsy witch of Kersh descent, dead. She had to find a way to stop Alec, end the war between clans, fight against the werewolves who turned her best friend Morgan, and keep Raine, her Forever Friend, by her side.

The Lion Witch by Amanda Kimberley


The federation of Valet de Chambre has ordered Verena, Queen of the planet Effeminate to produce a male heir for her kingdom within the next 30 moon cycles or she and her planet of female lion shifters will be forced into a life of servitude under Jaxson, King of the planet Emir and most of their Equipoise solar system. With her heart set on saving her planet, she voyages out of her solar system to find a man from the planet Earth worthy enough to produce an heir that will suffice the new laws of the federation of Valet de Chambre. The boy will grow and train to become Effeminate’s king. But what Verena wasn’t counting on was falling for Ciro DeLuca who drew her into his world and his circle of friends that he considers family. She hadn’t known family in 170 moon cycles because Jaxson, a powerful king and panther shifter in his own right, killed her parents in the Battle of Quell. This forced the now named queen to have to produce an heir under federation law. Ciro holds a secret too. He is a werewitch and finds his werewolf side has completely fallen for Verena but his witch side knows she is hiding something and he hopes his clan can help him find out what she is keeping from him. Will Verena mate with Ciro and save her planet in tim