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Keep Calm and Read On With These 99 cent Deals

Dragon be Mine by Julia Mills

The books in the EPIC DRAGON GUARD series can be read as STAND-ALONE stories. Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one. ~Julia Tropical vacation, his fire-breathin’ ass. The Isle of Dagda is not for the feign of heart. Weather patterns changed at the whim of the gods. One minute, his scales could be boiling off his backside, the next, he could be soaked to the bone. It’s nowhere Ven ever wanted to go, but when duty calls, what’s a Dragon to do? Through the power of the gods and the good deeds of her Ancestors, Izett is none other than the legendary White Winged Wolf. Created by Dagda's Lightning, it’s foretold that she will restore the balance of time, open the hidden portals, and guide the Magical world to their Eden. No pressure, right? Finding one another was the easy part. Staying alive to complete their destiny, well, that's where things just might go to hell in a handcart. With little time to waste and the Fate of the Past, Present, and Future resting squarely on their shoulders, can Izett accept that Fate has thrown her yet another curveball? Can Ven persuade his lovely Lupine Queen that scales are better than fur any day of the week? Will this couple defeat the Demon god of Time and Space before everything they know is blown to kingdom come? Fate will not be denied, but She’s put in a tall order this time. Hanging on to true love with both hands, Ven and Izett will move heaven and earth to save the day. But will it be enough? “Forever thine. Forever mine. For all time. Dragon, Be Mine”

The Ghost Pepper Sagas by P. Mattern

“A SPUNKY GHOST WITH A MISSION, AN EVIL THAT CAN’T BE CONTAINED” “Pepper never considered herself a victim…until she became one” Pepper Winchester may have died tragically, but she is determined to prevent others from meeting the same fate. With the help of her still living best friend Rueanne Bailey and her former Professor for Paranormal Studies Dr. Ramey Singh, she will bring murderers to justice…

Bearly Breathing by CD Gorri

"He’s looking for his mate. She just wants to have fun. Will Leya and Marcus find their destiny one hot summer night?" Sweet and curvy, Leya Tremayne is tired of being a shoulder to cry on for the men in her life. Determined to shed her image, she goes on a tropical vacation with plans to let her hair down! She meets Marcus Devlin and is instantly attracted to the devastatingly handsome stranger. He is exactly the type of man she needs to help her build her new image! Can she handle a one-night stand with this rugged Bear Shifter or will she lose her heart in the process? Marcus Devlin is looking for his true fated mate. After months of searching, he is just about ready to give up when destiny lands in his lap. Literally. After rescuing the beautiful blonde tourist from an untimely accident, Marcus knows instinctively that she’s the one. He just has to convince her!

I'll Make You Scream by P. Mattern & L. Gauthier

"PEOPLE THINK GHOSTS CAN'T HURT YOU, BUT THEY'RE WRONG" Narcissist, ladies man, and rising Hollywood star Delaney Jones thinks his problems are solved when his jilted lover Skylar commits suicide. The truth is, they are only beginning. "This novel is a fast paced rocket ride into HELL. Mattern and Gauthier expertly weave a horrific tale of love, greed and revenge set against a high stakes backdrop of glamour and fame." -Bathsheba's Book Reviews

Life At Last by T.M. Payne

This is book three in the Secrets Series. Everything is falling into place, the building is on schedule to open, and helping those in need, lives are rebuilding. Then why does it feel as if the other shoe is about to fall? Trouble is brewing, Salem can feel it in his bones. The mating ceremony is just around the corner, and things should be perfect, but something isn't right, someone has Bella in their sights. Jinx and Enzo are finding happiness until someone tries to bring it all falling down around them. Will these four finally find happiness? Will they get their happily ever after? Dreams are within reach Lives once broken are mending Hearts are soaring high Many lives will be changed… WARNING... This story contains M/M and M/F love scenes. Graphic descriptions, sexual situations and strong language. 18+ advised

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