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Levi & Layla

Levi & Layla

Levi Reis inherited more than he bargained for when Layla Gallo, showed up on his doorstep. His great uncle left him the castle, the kingdom, and the ability to shift into a lion at will.
With the help of his fated mate, Layla, will he be able to summon his pride from within to free her from the clutches of Abel? And can he kill the rival lion shifter in time to protect what is his?

Genevieve’s life as a hunter was simple, vanquish every monster, even if that monster turns out to be someone you dated. 

An escape from her former life with a werewolf was just what she needed when her bestie Carina booked a trip for the two to the Lofoten Islands. 

But when she met Gunnar, a high-powered leader of a vampire coven in Norway, she found herself falling into uncharted waters. 

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