Welcome Home

Sage Price comes from the small town Shiner, TX and her dreams about making it as an interior designer are just as big as the state itself. Upon graduating high school, she can’t wait to leave the town and Stetson West behind.
Stetson ripped her heart out the day of their high school senior graduation when he broke up with her as they were standing in line to receive their diplomas.
He was her first love, and even though she becomes successful enough to have her own show Date with Design on The Home Network where she designs the interior of homes all across the US, she still never feels like she’s made something of herself. How could she when the only person in her life that mattered got away?
Stetson West was always a rugged outdoorsy type who enjoyed getting his hands dirty on his ranch. But all of that was BC, before collision with a land mine. Now his prosthetic leg is a daily reminder of what he can’t do.
He’s been able to overcome a lot, especially with now having the strength stand on his own with his new leg, but dating just seems like a waste of time for someone like him.
Jennifer left him while he was still in recovery. And once he got home, all the others seemed to talk to him out of pity. A new leg gave him a lease on life—but not in love. It wasn’t until the day Sage walked back into his life that he was willing to try to open what remained of himself after the bomb destroyed his chances at a normal life.
The only real question left was if he’d give into his phantom pains or would he try to heal what remained in his heart.

The Pride Within eCover.png

The Pride Within

Levi Reis inherited more than he bargained for when Layla Gallo, showed up on his doorstep. His great uncle left him the castle, the kingdom, and the ability to shift into a lion at will.
With the help of his fated mate, Layla, will he be able to summon his pride from within to free her from the clutches of Abel? And can he kill the rival lion shifter in time to protect what is his?

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Midnight & Mistletoe

The heart of a man is through his bite.

When prim and proper Priya Pant started work at the Odd Duck she expected a professional kitchen, given the man that hired her. But what she got from Braden Boss was just plain fowl!

Hurting for money and longing for a chance to redeem herself from a former billionaire life, she tries to ignore Boss's bad-boy behavior, but the more she tries to maintain her measured distance from the man, the more he wants to stir the pot of her heart.

Braden Boss has always gotten what he wanted and has done what pleases him. Shifters with money and status possess that kind of privilege. 

The problem was that no matter what he wanted out of life—whether it was fortune, fame, or devotion from his television groupies—he wasn't happy. 

After living four centuries, any shifter expects to run into a slump of boredom. But Braden was looking for the one ingredient he never seemed to find in any other method of pleasure. He wanted love. Or at least, Priya, the sous-chef he hired for her perky breasts, proved to him he should toss out his old recipes and whip up some love from scratch.