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The Suburban Shifters & Celestials Completed Series

If you like your shifters with more bite then this completed series is just for you! In my world, shifters weren't meant to play nice in the sandbox. 

Final, Final Loving the Alpha.jpeg

Gavin & Fallon

Donovan & Sonya

Fallon sees death staring her in the face when she must decide between her love for Gavin or her own pack.


Fallon kept life easy because all that mattered was to protect her family as pack leader. Love for a mate only creates heartache, something she’s had to live with since Gavin left the pack.

Gavin knew his life was complicated being an alpha and didn’t want to make things worse by claiming a mate of his own. As far as he was concerned only one woman had his heart and his pack left hers long ago.


When a civil war ensues between the packs Fallon comes face to face with Gavin and has to decide between her love for him and the love of her pack.


Can this lone wolf find love?


Donovan Doolittle loved finding the art in the great outdoors. He’d spend hours on the mountain top taking countless pictures for his gallery showings, which made him feel complete until Ocean rocked his world and turned it upside down. 


He found little joy in his life sentence of exile in Buford, Wyoming. Even his old camera didn’t brighten his fitful mood swings, so he left that life and his heart in a storage box until now. What could a few pictures hurt? 


PLENTY when he comes face to face with Ocean, who begs for the solace of Wyoming for her and her pack. Donovan agrees to take them into his territory so long as she promises one thing—to leave him alone.


Sonya Sheridan, a well-known journalist for Flair Magazine in Seattle, Googles ideas for her next story when she comes across an old website of her favorite photographer, Donovan Doolittle. 


It had been 10 long years since anyone had seen his work. As Sonya gazes at the photo gallery out of nostalgia for him being her first break-out story, she comes across a recent photo. The mystery intrigues her enough to convince her boss she needs to fly out to Wyoming to get the exclusive of this elusive photographer reemerging into the art field again. But after getting two flats before she even steps foot in Buford, will she ever find the man and friend she knew all those years ago?

Nosh & Ocean


Will Nosh’s love calm Ocean before the storm?

Ocean Delvina was always a take-charge alpha. Whatever she wanted, she claimed. But now that she’s fallen for a cougar shifter, she’s wondering if she should lay claim to him or run for the hills now that The Civil Were War is imminent.

Nosh Indigo was always content in his pack as an omega. And even when Takoda, his alpha pack leader, wanted to make Nosh his delta, the third in command of the Shoshone tribal pack, he still wondered if he was up for such a big task. But since he’d met Ocean, who is his mate and his everything, all he wants to do is keep her safe from Lenox and the impending war. Now that she’s been pulling away, will he be able to convince her that she belongs with him?

Nothing’s fair in love and war.


The only way to save her was to make her his Treasure.


Takoda, Alpha of The Shoshone Tribe, knew the laws were clear when you came upon a lone pup during the rebellion. You either take the babe in as one of your own or banish them to a part of the country where they could do no harm.

She couldn’t have been more than 14 or 15, young enough to train in The Shoshone ways, but old enough to give the young Omegas in his pack reason to hate her. And because of that reason alone, he couldn’t take this girl called Treasure into his fold. So he did the next best thing. He entrusted her upbringing to his friend, Nayati, Alpha of the Cheyenne tribe.

All was supposed to fall into place until the Cheyenne tribe had a falling out with his Shoshone one. He’d have to fight against the one person he wanted to save unless he made her his Treasure.



Life’s not always a beach in the Texas heat of summer.

Colton has spent a good majority of his life steering clear of problems. But once he met his boss, trouble came knocking in the form of her high heels and bitch of a bite. He wanted nothing to do with her when he found out she turned him into a dog. 

Now that he’s met Harper, he wonders if he should run with his tail between his legs. Or? Should he risk telling her that her summer vacation was going to the wolves? 

All Harper wanted was some fun in the sun and possibly a fling. And she only wanted to do this so she could put her ex behind her. The island resort in her home state of Texas seemed to fit the bill for both, especially on her shoestring budget. 

After meeting Colton, the only problem with her plan is that she now wants the summer to last forever. Then she discovers his secret and her vacation goes south on the island. Will she want to ride out his wave? Or just swim to safer shores to lick her wounds?

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