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Ever Wonder The Order of My Forever Series? Well, most of them can be read as stand alone, but you MUST start with book one first. Here's why.

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About Forever Friends Book One

Death does not part.

Have you ever dreamed of finding your soulmate? Do you think you’d recognize him as the one the instant you met?

Skye thought Raine was her dream come true when she finally fell in love with him. But her dreams soon became nightmares when Alec, King of the Vlad Vampire Clan, wanted them and every other witch of the Kersh coven dead.

She had to find a way to stop Alec, end the war between clans, fight against the werewolves who turned her best friends Morgan, and keep Raine, her forever friend, at her side.

Book One takes place in the present day and has several flashbacks of lifetimes that Raine and Skye shared over the centuries as soulmates and witches. 

Even though many of the other books take place in the past, it is best to read book one first because all of the returning characters are described.


About Forever Tied Book Two

Raine, Rom Borro of the Kersh Gypsy Witch clan and Skye, his lover, are being chased by the King of the Vlad Vampires because Alec blames them for his lover's death in The Were Rebellion.

Alec and his twin brother Armand will stop at nothing to exact revenge. Even go back in time to vanquish the Kersh Gypsy line.

Will both Raine and Skye be able to defeat the King of the Vlads before he ends their line? Will they be able to survive the test of time and remain forever tied?

Book Two takes place in a lifetime for Raine and Skye right after The Were Rebellion. Alec was relentless in seeking justice on the two because he blames them for his lover's death and even waiting patiently for their rebirths, or trying to kill off the line in the past!

This book can be read out of sequence because it only focuses on Raine, Skye, and the brother Alec and Armand.


About Forever Bound Book Three

Alec was everything Lilith imagined a lover could be. He was caring, sensual, and attentive to every one of her needs. She wanted and needed him badly to break the hold Jade Emperor had over her. But could this bond last an eternity with Cheng-Huang's sentence of damnation on them both? Would the bond withstand the werewolves' rebellion that was fast approaching? And could this bond transcend through time as his dead heart learns to beat for Obsidian? It was a chance Lilith would have to take in order to defeat the werewolves who planned to give rise to Demetrese, ruler of the demon Underworld, during the rarest of planetary alignments in the Ming Dynasty.

Book Three takes place during the Ming Dynasty and is all about how Alec became a vampire. It can be read out of context and definitely takes place before Forever Tied on the world building time line. 


About Forever Cherished Book Four

Tag line: The bonds of passion should be cherished.
Have you ever felt like you were an animal living inside a human’s body when it came to love?
The passion Keme has in his heart for the Fox and the opposing Sauk tribe may be blinded by what is right for Chepi if he cannot learn to control the beast from within.
The two tribes never got along until Chepi and Keme gave them a reason to fight the pale-faced vampires together as one.

Book Four on the world time line takes place right before the Mayflower comes to America's soil as we now know it. This story is about shifter Keme's beginnings and the love of his life Chepi. It too can be read out of context.


About Forever Immortal

Demetrese discovers that the family tree is growing in the Kersh and Vlad clans and resurrects to try to take the babies’ powers for himself.
Will Lilith be able to persuade Demetrese to accept her in exchange for these magical children?
Or will all hell break loose? 

Book Five takes place in present time a year after book one Forever Friends. You should read book one before you read book five or you will spoil the continuing story for yourself. That's all I'm going to say about it. ;) 

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