Braden & Priya

The heart of a man is through his bite.

When prim and proper Priya Pant started work at the Odd Duck, she expected a professional kitchen, given the man that hired her. But what she got from Braden Boss was just plain fowl!


Hurting for money and longing for a chance to redeem herself from a former billionaire life, she tries to ignore Boss's bad-boy behavior, but the more she tries to maintain her measured distance from the man, the more he wants to stir the pot.


Braden Boss has always gotten what he wanted and has done what pleases him. Vampires with money and status possess that kind of privilege.


The problem was that no matter what he wanted out of life—whether it was fortune, fame, or devotion from all his television groupies—he wasn't happy.


After living four centuries, any vampire expects to run into a slump of boredom. But Braden was looking for the one ingredient he never seemed to find in any other method of pleasure. He wanted love. Or at least, Priya, the sous-chef he hired for her perky breasts, proved he should toss out his old recipes and whip up love from scratch.

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Ridge & Poppy

The heart never forgets.

When Ridge Turner hit the friend request button, he had no idea he would come face to face with his past life lover. The old Chelsea Bennette accepted his dark side, but would the Poppy Lee of this life see him as a monster? His heart was willing to take the chance, but his head knew she should forget the vampire. 

Poppy Lee had just moved from the warm southern hospitality of Soddy Daisy, TN, to the bitter cold of New York City. Lonely, she took a chance by hitting the accept request button for her now client, billionaire Ridge Turner. Poppy knows mixing business and pleasure is dangerous territory. Growing riddled with dreams of a past life with him and plagued by a secret he keeps hidden, she wonders if she should resist the temptations building within her. The only problem is that Ridge Turner is hard to forget.