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Red & Ruby

Redford Buchanan swore off all women and life in the fast lane. Now that he’s on the straight and narrow, the childhood crush he knew as Ruby Blase falls for him in the most literal sense of the phrase when she bumps into him at his aunt and uncle’s hardware store. The last thing he needed was another nowhere relationship. And yet, she’s the hot mess plaguing his dreams.

Ruby is a psychotherapist and finds herself back home right before her mother died. Small towns weren’t exactly her thing since high school. She now lives in New York and enjoys living in a city that never sleeps. She had no intention of meeting anyone while she was sorting out her parents’ estate. Living in TX was only temporary because her world was three thousand miles away. All she wanted is some kind of semblance of a normal life until she could move back to the place she calls home.

But when she meets Red, she wonders if moving back to such a large city would make her feel lost, especially now that the direction she wants is leading her right into his arms.

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